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Efisyan has been estabilished from its staff experience of over 15 years on Paralegal and Legal Representative services. Its structure has been carefully planned to present innovation and provide services focusing on our clients’ need.
Many important Law firms in Brazil redirect Legal Representation and Paralegal services to Efisyan due to an outstanding quality of reputation, credibility and transparency.
Our expertise lies in providing paralegal services, attorney-in-fact for foreign companies and acting as professional legal representatives on merger, split or spin-off procedures

Our main services cover the following areas:

  • Board of Trade / Registry of Civil Companies

  • Registry – Government Agencies

  • Special Registries

  • Registry – Notary Offices/Embassies/Consulates

  • Registry of Foreign Nationals

  • Certificates – Administrative (Government Agencies)

  • Certificates – Judicial/Forensic

  • Certificates – Miscellaneous

  • Certificates – Real Estate

  • Monthly Monitoring/Renewal

  • Central Bank

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