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  • +Board of Trade / Registry of Civil Companies

    – Filing of Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies acts (Minutes, Amendments, Dissolution);
    – Filing of Power of Attorneys;
    – Filing of Journals;
    – Request for Simplified and Specific Certificates;
    – Request for Summary Company Detail Records – FBR;
    – Request for documents photocopies;
    – Trade name protection;
    – Registry of Corporate and Tax Books;
    – Update of Corporate Books – Limited Liability and Joint Stock Companies;
    – Filing of Debenture Deeds;
    – Filing of Articles of Incorporation with the National Department of Business Registration (DNRC);
    – Obligatory deposit for the incorporation of Joint Stock Companies.

  • +Registry - Government Agencies

    – National Registry of Corporate Taxpayers (CNPJ) for national companies (obtainment, update and closing);
    – CNPJ for foreign companies (obtainment, update and closing);
    – State Taxpayer Identification Number (obtainment, update and closing);
    – City Taxpayer Identification Number (obtainment, update and closing);
    – Registration with the Social Security System – INSS (obtainment, update and closing);
    – Enrollment with the Employees’ Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) (obtainment, update and closing);
    – Enrollment with the Employer’s Association (obtainment, update and closing);
    – Release of Authorizations for Printing Tax Documents (A.I.D.F.);

  • +Special Registries

    – Business and Operation Permits (obtainment and update);
    – Professional Boards (obtainment, update and closing);
    – RADAR/SISCOMEX – Simplified Modality (obtainment and update);
    – State Registry of Substitute Taxpayer – IE-ST (obtainment, update and closing);
    – SICAF – Suppliers Registration System (obtainment and update);
    – SIAFÍSICO – Integrated System for the Registry of Materials, Services and Vendors, and a Price Databank (obtainment and update);
    – CRCC – Certificate of Registration and Registry Classification (obtainment and update);
    – Registration to issue Electronic Invoices– NFE
    – Registry of Tax-Exempted Paper (obtainment and update);
    – CETESB’s License Exemption Certification (obtainment and update);
    – CCIR – Rural Property Registry Certificate (update);
    – ITR – Rural Land Tax (update);
    – IPTU – Urban Building and Land Tax (Property Tax) (update).

  • +Registry - Notary Offices/Embassies/Consulates

    – Agreements and amendments (Registry and obtainment of copies);
    – Public Deeds;
    – Powers of Attorney, Delegation and Waiver of Powers (Registry and obtainment of copies);
    – Notifications;
    – Legalization of documents with Embassies and Consulates;
    – Search in Real Estate Registry Offices;
    – Search in Deeds and Other Documents Registry Offices;
    – Search in Notary Offices of Civil Registry of Legal Entities;
    – Search in Notary Offices of Civil Registry of Natural Persons.

  • +Documents for Foreign Nationals

    – Individual Tax Payer Number and Card – CPF (obtainment and update);
    – Alien’s
    – National Identity Card – RNE (obtainment and renewal);
    – Employment Record Card – CTPS (obtainment and update);
    – Driver’s License – CNH.

  • +Certificates – Administrative (Government Agencies)

    – Joint Debt Certificate of Federal Taxes and Federal Active Debt (RFB/PGFN);
    – Contributions to Social Security and Third Parties (INSS);
    – Regularity of the Employees’ Severance Indemnity Fund FGTS (CRF);
    – State Taxes (Services and Merchandise Circulation Tax – ICMS (VAT tax));
    – City Taxes – Movable Goods (Tax on Services – ISS);
    – State Active Debt;
    – City Active Debt;

  • +Certificates - Judicial/Forensic

    – Civil;
    – Tax Claim;
    – Bankruptcy and Judicial Recovery;
    – Criminal;
    – Criminal Enforcement Procedure;
    – Labor Court;
    – Federal Court;
    – Judicial Process Status.

  • +Certificates - Miscellaneous

    – Negotiable Instrument Protest Offices;
    – Integral Protest;
    – Consumer’s Police Station and Consumer Protection Agency (DECON/Procon);
    – Environmental Prosecutor’s Office;
    – Prosecutor’s Office for Consumer Protection;
    – Prosecutor’s Office for Work-related Accidents;
    – Clearance certificates from the Regional Election Court – TER;
    – Judicial Administrative Department;
    – Criminal Records (State and Federal);
    – Enrollment with Professional Boards;
    – Employment Tort– Regional Labor Office/DRT;
    – Negative Certificate of Labor Debts – Regional Labor Office/DRT.

  • +Certificates - Real Estate

    – Twenty-Year Records/Registration;
    – Full Title Guarantee;
    – Rural Land Tax – ITR;
    – Rural Property Registry Certificate (CCIR) – National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA);
    – Property Tax – Urban Building and Land Tax (IPTU) (Property Tax)
    – Market Value;
    – Adjudicated Value;
    – Registration Information;
    – Nominal Taxpayer Registry.

  • +Monthly Monitoring/Renewal

  • +Central Bank

    – National Registry of Corporate Taxpayers (CNPJ) for foreign companies (obtainment);
    – Search in the Registry of Outstanding Credits of Federal Agencies and Entities (CADIN).